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1、  three-seal splicing material is adopted so that installation of three-seal window can be carried out, which improves the sealing and heat preservation performance of windows in winter.
2、  according to different needs, users may make fixed built-in window screen using the three-seal splicing part to fix the screen, or make removable built-in window screen using aluminum alloy screen sash which is convennient for installation and removal.
3、  the outilization rate per ton of profiles for finished windows is high. when making inwardly opened double windows, the rate is about 26% higer than that ordinary 60 series (there might be slight difference according to size of the hole.)
4、  the design of four-chamber structure improves the heat preservation and thermal insulation performance.
5、  visible wall thickness of main profiles satisfies the requirement of jg/t140-2005 standard issued by the ministry of construction(≥2.5mm).
6、  installaion dimension (center-to center spacing 9mm) of hardware meets the assembly requirements of the products.
7、  the lighting rate is high. when making inwardly opened double windows with the hole size of 1500*1500, the rate is nearly 10% higer than that of ordinary 60 series.
8、  the glass and the window sash are stuck together, which reduces the tendency of hanging and drippng.

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